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Lettings FAQs

How much will it cost me to let my property?

See the IMS fee sheets on the IMS Landlords page for all costs for letting out your property.

Is IMS an ARLA PropertyMark registered lettings agent?

Yes, IMS is an ARLA PropertyMark-registered lettings agent.

Are there any additional marketing costs?

The Set Up Fee covers all marketing costs.

Who will conduct viewings on my property and when will they occur?

IMS will accompany all viewings at a conveniently arranged time for you.

Do I need to be present for viewings?

As IMS accompany all viewings, we will have the access codes and keys for your property, so you don’t need to be present. It is also worth noting that many tenants often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

What is an EPC and how long will it be valid?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) measures the energy efficiency of a property using a scale of A-G and is valid for 10 years. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a valid EPC before their property is let. IMS can arrange this for you.

How much is the tenant’s deposit and what happens to it?

Typically a deposit equates to five weeks’ rent and is payable upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. The deposit will then be registered with a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme; IMS uses a custodial deposit scheme and pay the deposit across to them within the required 30 days of receipt.

What does the deposit scheme involve and how does it protect me?

The deposit is held by the tenancy deposit protection scheme for the duration of the tenancy and in the event that the tenant disputes any claim at the end of the tenancy, the deposit scheme adjudication service review evidence submitted, guaranteeing that any deposit disputes will be dealt with fairly and efficiently.

How long does it take to receive my rent once paid by the tenant?

IMS process rent payments daily excluding weekends and bank holidays so that you get paid as close to the rent date as possible. Please note that whilst we endeavour to pay you in a timely manner we cannot be held liable for any delays in banking, computer failure or other factors outside of our control such as delayed or non-payment of rent by the tenant.

Where the tenant falls into rent arrears our management fee remains payable and we strongly advise that you make provision for any void period or delay in receiving rent.

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