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Energy Price Comparison

It’s time to move on…

You shouldn’t have to put up with a super high energy bills when there are plenty of other options out there for you!

It’s important to compare energy prices to ensure you’re getting a great deal for your gas and electricity.

Whether you’re looking for a dual fuel tariff or separate energy tariffs for your home, Compare the Market can help you compare energy suppliers and find cheap gas and electricity deals.

Get an Energy quote with Compare the Market in minutes. Tell us your postcode and current Energy habits, compare and pick the best deal for you. We’ll make sure your old and new supplier are notified. You can save by switching, leaving you more money for the things that really matter.

Don’t forget to set up energy savings alerts and AutoSergei will do all the legwork. You’ll never have to spend time searching for better energy deals again. He’ll search the market, take exit fees into consideration and will let you know when you could save on gas or electricity, or both.

Why you should consider switching?

You are unlikely to be on the best deal if you haven’t switched recently, so having a quick look around might just surprise you!

Perhaps you are unhappy with the service you’ve been receiving from your current provider? There should be no reason for you to stay if your needs aren’t being met.

Maybe you are conscious of your energy consumption and its impact on the environment? If you are looking to become greener there are many green providers out there to choose from.

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